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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Google Finance - Awsome New Tool!

For several years I've been plugging around with investment sites like Yahoo. Just to check on the little bit of stock I have. I've also done a fair amount of research as a sales person by looking into stock information. Google Finance offers the best interface to a public company that I have seen. The press releases are hotkeyed into the stock graph, the annual report, income statement, and other forms are tied in nicely. Hat's off to Google again for a vast improvement in the way we view information. I'm sure you'll hear a lot more about Google Finance!


Friday, June 02, 2006

Lots of Great Applications With Google Maps

Google Maps is great because they allow independent developers to integrate Google Maps with their web pages. The result is a great number of vertical pages that utilize the great Google Map interface to display their information. These are some of my personal favorites.

Find real estate in your area!

Get zip code boundaries, county boundaries and other statistics!

Find the cheapest gas in your area!

UFO Sightings in the US!

If you are interested in Google Maps you have got to check out this BLOG because there are hundreds of pages and you might find a vertical that interests you!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Control Your Day!

UPDATE 6/9/06
I've been using Google calendar and a friend of mine just sent me a meeting request from Microsoft Outlook and Google Mail + Google Calendar interpreted the meeting request and put it on my Google Calendar with the time, location, and all the rest of the important details. That is the first time I've been able to receive a meeting request from any company using Microsoft Outlook and have it integrate like that, even when I am using Microsoft Outlook email client! So this is a really huge advantage for me. Way to go Google!!!


Google Calendar hits the web and it's pretty cool. Another winner for Google. I just ported all my Outlook calendar events in a snap. Now I can dynamically share my calendar, other people can edit if I want them to, the general public can see if I am busy or not if I want them to... All the things an advanced, easy to use calendar should do are there! It is another great module from Google and I recommend it to EVERYONE!


Monday, January 23, 2006

Google Searches - Get Picky and Get Better Results

We all use Google for the most basic web queries. However, there is a lot of value in understanding the command line structure of the database. This web page explains how some of these command lines can be useful.


I love the content of this web page but I hate the title, probably because I have spent the last decade of my life in the data mining industry, because the content on this site has nothing to do with data mining. Data mining utilizes statistics to find hidden correlations and other invisible patterns contained within a set of data (usually several sets of data). So it is naive to use the term in this generic sense. It may seem as if I am being picky but there is a reason to be exact, especially when you are dealing with a specific word that should not be watered down.

Friday, January 06, 2006

What's Hot

Ever want to know what's hot in the world today, this month... Most of the popular search engines compile lists of their most common searches and aggregate them in different levels. It's a great site to visit if your sitting in front of your computer and you want to kill some time and look at only the "best" things on the web. Here is a list of sites that will keep you "plugged in" to what is hot on the net.

Google Press Center: Zeitgeist


Current TV // Google Current - Venetian: Conor // Cantaloupe

Yahoo! Buzz Index

MSN Search Insider

GameSpy.com - Gimme The Stats!

I'll post more as I get em! Enjoy the best the web has to offer!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Boundries - Zip Codes, City and State, County

Sometimes it is nice to understand what the boundries are for zip codes. I have always known that there was another zip code right next to my house but I have never understood how it really maps out. At this link you can find maps of boundries for zip codes, city, state, county, and you can also get your longitude and latitude which is handy to know for some Google Map applications.


Friday, November 18, 2005

Google Phone Book - Handy Dandy!

I've always found the Google Phone Book handy but I've always had trouble getting it to kick in when I type my query in the regular window. So one day when I was successful at getting it to kick in I saved the page as a bookmark (favorite) and now whenever I want to do a search I just open it up and it works like a charm. The context is "name, city state" or you can do just "name, state" which is what my example shows. I hope you find it useful!


Google Local - Interactive Yellow Pages

Google Local beats the heck out of "The Talking Yellow Pages". Here you can drill down on your area and, once pinpointed, type in your query. Something like "pizza" will give you not only the name and number but a link to Google Map for directions. This is a handy service to bookmark until you need it. I've used it a lot. Once you define your territory you can save that page as your bookmark and your be routed right to your appropriate location and you won't have to go through that step every time...


Google Spy - Not Too Covert

Google Spy tells you what search terms rank for a certain company. For instance, I might type in IBM and then find out that they rank 5th in relevance for the search term "computer". This is handy for several reasons. You can find out more about a company by understanding their "web profile". So try it out!!!


Google Alerts - Your best queries delivered to your email!

UPDATE 5.9.06
It occured to me that most people would and should be very interested in what an internet search with their name in it pulls up. Even if it isn't you, you should know about it. Mostly because the internet is used as a tool by law enforcement, insurance companies, and available to anyone who wants to profile you. Information is so easy to get now that someone with an axe to grind can query the net for your information and pick up everything that is available and associated with your name. This could include court records, housing costs, maybe even a blue print of your home. Your internet identity is becoming a representable part of yourself, a responsibility to know about. So query for yourself and your loved ones and see what is out there. Even if it isn't you, someone might think it is you! Your internet ID will become a part of your responsible identity in the future. It will become standard to have your portfolio and resume online along with details of your accomplishments. Some day there may be a "standard id that you have to keep up on the internet maybe you will have to use it to log on. How about that!

I use this service a lot. I have several queries set up and Google Alerts automatically does the search and then sends me a link with the results every week. Over time you learn to modify your search to eliminate the junk. I have a search with my name in it and there is a mayor with the same name so I change my quote and added -mayor...

This is a really handy service. To do it you need to sign up for the "customized google service". Google has to have your email address so it knows where to send the results...


Google Text to Phone! Send text messages to mobile phones!!

Google is into everything. These Google guys keep coming up with new and exciting things and rolling them out. In the link below, as long as you know the carrier, you can send text messages to any mobile phone. Try it out and let me know if you like it!


The extension that enables this is a Firefox extension. They have a link on the Google page to the Firefox pages. However, if you prefer, you can link through Mighty Joe's Firefox. On the left panel there are links to the general extension pages. I don't have a specific link to the cell phone extension because I don't use it that much.


Google Does Groups!

Much like Yahoo's service, Google offers a "groups" service as well. It's got a great interface and I think everyone should be aware of it. We all have interests and the groups are a great way to share our interests with like minded people. Check out Google's version.


Google Web Search From Your Personal Web Page!

If you have a web page you can put the Google search engine on it and the search engine will also search your web site. All you have to do is go to the link below and paste the text into your source code. Unfortunately it doesn't work on the "blogger" site. I actually put one on my site and worked on it for quite some time but the "site search" never worked however the web search worked fine. I think it is because I didn't own the "site" or have control over the directory... it's got something to do with the way it is set up :)

So if you manage your own site this could be of great use to you!


Google Video - The Way to Share Your Videos With the World

This is a new service from Google. You have to download client software but then it allows you to post your videos on a Google server and anyone can search, find, and view it! I was one of the first to download this software. Ever since I missed my chance for a Google mail account I've been eager to jump on new Google services. So this is one of the new things.

You can download the client from the link below.

This is where you can search for Google Video's that people have uploaded. Sorry, there is no sexxy stuff here. I've already tried!!!

This is the "official Google Video Blog" link. Here you will find all kinds of advice on working with Google Video as well as links to some of the funnies videos. Check it out!!

Here is a link to an independent video blog that picks out a lot of great videos.

Google Blog Search - Get The Information You Need!

Of course Google is now doing blog searches. Only one of my blogs shows up if I type in "Mighty Joe" so it isn't perfect yet :) but I am happy that Mighty Joe's Freeware shows up. If you are looking for a blog this is one of the best ways to find it.


Did You Know - You Can Review Most Catalogs Through Google?

If you didn't know about this service you should really check it out. Most of the popular catalogs are in here but there are lots of other catalogs that you probably have never seen before. Pick a subject that you are interested in and wind your way through the index until you find the right list of catalogs. I could spend hours looking at this stuff. There are some really off the wall catalogs out there!!!


Make A Customized Google Home Page

I use Google's customized page as the home page in my browser. I really think Google is doing some great things and this page is a pleasant and easy way to enter the Internet. Basically, you can subscribe to RSS feeds and organize them on your page and, of course, the Google search engine is right at the top of the page.

On my home page I put the local movie listings, local weather, national news, and weird news from Reuters. Make your own home page! There are thousands of feeds you can subscribe to.


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